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CPLW Filter 82mm

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  • Product Model:CPLW-82mm
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  • Release Date:2013-05-28
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  • The type of CPLW-82mm Polarizer adopts optical grass with high quality and ultra-high degree of finish. With the material of aviation aluminum, the product has the structure of seamless rear-pressing and rotating structure and uses the ultra-light and ultra-tough aluminum ring
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  • Notes:
    1.Polarizer is generally thicker, so it is best not to use with other filters. Otherwise, it is easy to form the screen Noire.
    2.Polarizer can absorb about 75% light for itself and reduce an aperture. It’s better to fasten fuselage with tripod when it uses in the cloudy day or uses
       small-aperture to take photos. Due to digital camera uses TTL metering, there is no need to make exposure compensation because of  lacking of light.
    3.Do not face the strong light or sun,because the effect is not obvious.
    4.The best way to dispel the reflective surface of the water is erupting at a 45-degree angle with water so as to reach very good effect.
    5.There is a big principle to strength sky effect, do not backlit. Otherwise, CPL cannot bring back the grey sky no matter how you shoot.
    6.Don’t counter clockwise rotate when you look in the viewfinder so as to avoid lock is not secure enough and carelessly drop the CPL down.
    7.Be patient to observe change of viewfinder when rotating the polarizer. When sky turns to the deepest blue, it represents polarizer has already recorded blue sky and 
       white cloud at the best angle. Similarly, when facing to the subject with reflective light, the best angle to dispel reflective light is to turn the reflective parts into dark.

    1.Texture of lens: High-quality and ultra high finished glass, meet the strict requirements of first class lens and ensure high transmittance.
    2.Surface Material: Super hard aviation aluminum and corrosion resistance have strong flexibility and high stability.
    3.Structure : Ring made of Ultra thin & harden aluminum and insert seamless ring frame construction so as to ensure maximum impermeability of the products.
    4.Black Matt Frame: Pixel CPLW frame uses environmental protection technology, super fine matte frosted to avoid the entering of stray light and removal of non-metallic.
    5.Ultra-thin lens: Break the conventional ultra-thin, ensure the light transmittance and revert colors back to pure nature at the extreme..

    Main Functions:
    1.Strengthen Sky Blue: Strengthen the concentration of blue sky and more obvious for white cloud.
    2.Reduce reflective light of glass: When the shooting angle between glass surface and subject is about 30 to 40 degrees,
       it’s the best effect for polarizer to dispel reflective light.
    3.Reduce Reflective Surface: With the help of polarizers, we can reduce reflective light; make sea more blue and water more clear.
    4.Make Plants More Green: Eliminate waxy reflective light on trees and grass leaves and recover their nature colour of green.

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