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TF-321 For Canon

  • Category:Hot Shoe Adapter
  • Product Model:TF-321 For Canon
  • Barcode:
  • Release Date:2011-05-01
  • Price: No quotation
  • TF-321 hot shoe adapter for Canon: it supports the flash be triggered to fire and ETTL. It also supports flashes of other brand which has the central trigger point and supports the PC socket trigger the studio light and flash.
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  • Product Function
    1. Support Canon flash gun which trigger on hot shoe,  support ETTL.
    2. Support flash gun which is not Canon brand.
    3. Available to control flashguns or studio lights through PC socket.

    Package Specification:

    Product Code: 489 51523 01916

    Carton Size:  26*25*11cm

    Whole Weight: 1.98kg

    Carton number:48pcs

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