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Ruboo versatile cleaning kit

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  • Release Date:2013-06-04
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  • Pixel Ruboo multifunctional cleaning kit Rubbo made from current the most advanced material. It has a wide application for cleaning many types of digital products such as: DSLR camera, lens, digital camera, LCD TV, mobile phone and notebook. The cleaning kit contains the following products: super-strong air blower, multifunctional cleaning emulsion cleaner, multifunctional cleaning brush, cleaning cloth, cotton swab and cleaning tissue.
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  • Pixel Ruboo versatile cleaning kit is made of the existing best materials. Its multi-functions include cleaning clean a variety of

    digital products effectively such as SLR cameras, lenses, digital cameras, LCD TVs, mobile phones, notebooksand other devices.

    Package contains

    super power blower, multi-function cleaning fluid, cleaning brush, cleaning cloth, cleaning paper, cotton swabs. Super 6-piece set protects your machine in 360-degree!

    Product Performance

    1.Multi-function Cleaning Fluid: Clean thoroughly, leaving no water marks, non-toxic materials, no harm to the screen.

    Can effectively clear the dust, dirt, fingerprints, etc on the screen. Mainly used for cleaning the surface of the device.

    2.Ultra-soft Cleaning Brush: brush made of high quality nylon in refined softness, and can effectively remove dirt in the

    corner, allowing a more thorough cleaning. Appearance is in silver white to show its gracious.

    3.Microfiber Cleaning Cloth: functions include super absorbent, oil resistance and collect static electricity. The ultrastructure

    fibers can quickly inhaled and make those wipes in a static state, and then wipe off the dirtadhering to the surface of the

    article, you can make the surface more luster; it can be repeatedly used after washing.

    4.Strong Blower: blower used high quality rubber; arising powerful blast so as to sweep away the dust from deep inside. Friendly

    ergonomic design, easy to hold. Prolonged use will not result in fatigue. Professional quality, user-friendly design, easy to carry.

    5.High-class Cleaning Paper: This product is made of super soft fleece, no traces left after wiping, watery and greasy dirt can also be

    wiped out, lint-free dust, water absorption is excellent.6.Clean Cotton Swabs: use special fiber, no dust,lint, environmental protection

    materials and reliable. Quality cotton head can efficiently clean the dirt in gaps and corners, good absorbent, better cleaning effect.

    Package Specification

    Bar Code:489 51523 82052


    Small Carton QTY:6pcs

    Big Carton QTY:24pcs

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