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King S For Nikon

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  • Release Date:2017-07-01
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  • King S is a Transmitter which can control the shooting mode of a flash by camera in a remote distance. With the design of Transmitter and Receiver integrated, flash can be directly controlled by King S without Transmitter on the end of flash, especially when directly controlling the X800PRO flash. If you use the X800 PRO flash, the single King S is enough which can realize the HSS and other flash modes between camera and flash. King S has 3 groups with the group function. When using with the Canon EOS EXII, 600EX-RT or compatible Pixel flash, it can directly control the flash mode and the output power by the setting mode of flash and camera.
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  • Specifications
    System Mode: FSK2.4GHz
    Flash Mode: ETTL/Ittl, M
    EV: Support
    FEB: Support
    Focal length control: 20mm-200mm
    Control Distance: Above 100m
    Communication Channel: Four
    Flash Group: Three (A/B/C)
    Shutter Control: Single Shoot
    Output Interface: USB, SYNC Interface
    Test Fire: Support
    Power Consumption: Standby 50 hours (2000 mA battery)
    Power Supply: 2.1-3.3 (AAx2 pcs)
    Dimension: 90x46x40mm
    Package Size: Single: 105*70*42mm
    Double: 125*85*53mm

    Product Feature
    1.Multi-button setting, each function has its own button; the operation is simple and easy.
    2.Using FSK2.4GHz communication system, the control distance is above 200m.
    3.It can output and control different flash mode.
    4.Using A/B/C group control, the set light is more simple and convenient.
    5.Support TTL, M, HSS, 1st Curtain Sync, 2nd Curtain Sync(Nikon), EV, FEB and focal length control.
    6.Focal length control 20mm-200mm.
    7.SYNC multifunctional output socket, support control shutter shooting, trigger Speedlite, studio light and outdoor light.
    8.Equipped with USB port, support firmware upgrade.

    Included accessories
    King S wireless transceiver (Kit)-------------------2pcs
    King S wireless transceiver (single)---------------1pcs
    User manual-----------------------------------------1pcs

    Items need to be purchased
    3.5-6.35 studio light triggering cable
    3.5-3.5 studio light triggering cable

    There are nine shutter connecting cables which are apply for cameras with different brands and modes.

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