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  • Product Model:TW-282
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  • Release Date:2012-08-01
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  • TW-282 is a multi-functional product with high performance, good quality and high sales. With the humanized appearance design, stable and durable quality, it has a good reputation among users. It is indispensable for take picture of starry sky and night view. It has the function of simple single shoot, one second continuous shoot, Bulb shoot, the customized delay shoot and Timer plan shoot. With the low power consumption, you are clear about the use condition and the timer plan.
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  • Function:
    1.TW-282 can operate camera to single shoot, continous shoot, Bulb shoot, delay shoot and timer plan shoot by setting the related parameter.
    2.Delay shooting can set delay time and number of shooting. The delay time from 1s to 59s, the number of shooting is from 1 to 99.
    3.It can set timer plan shoot, the time can be set from 0 sec to 99 hours and 59 min and 59sec, the number of shooting can be set from 1 to 99 or limitless.
    4.It can control cameras with different brands and modes by changing different shutter connecting cable.
    5.The channel of transmitter and receiver adopts LCD display. It is simple, easy to understand and convenient to operate.
    6.FSK improve the product stability and use 2.4GHz global free channel.

    Type: FSK 2.4GHz wireless remote control system
    Transmission distance: 100m
    Communication channel: 15
    Transmitter Power: -1 dB
    Receiver sensitivity: -99dB
    Cable length: 30cm(straight line)
    Transmitter standby time: above 3 years (2 pcs AAA batteries)
    Receiver standby time: above 400 hours(CR-2 lithium battery)
    Transmitter dimension (Length*width*height): 49mm*49.5mm*24mm
    Receiver dimension  (Length*width*height): 63mm*38mm*31mm

    Included accessories
    TW-282 transmitter: 1pcs
    TW-282 receiver: 1pcs
    CR-2 lithium battery: 1pcs
    AAA battery: 2 pcs

    Connecting plug for camera mode:

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