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Vertax E16 For Canon 7D Mark II

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  • Product Model:Vertax E16 For Canon 7D Mark II
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  • Release Date:2014-06-01
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  • Vertax E16 is a battery grip for Canon 7D Mark II camera which can be installed with two batteries of LP-E6 or six batteries of AA/LR6. An E16 grip equals to an extra battery that can double the power. It is indispensable for shooting outside. The battery grip is equipped with shutter button in vertical position, main drive plate and other buttons that can make the operation the same whatever shooting in vertical or horizontal position. Adopted the same material of the camera body, the battery grip has the same capacity of waterproof and dust-free as the camera body with the seal treatment of each part. The quality is comparable with the one in the original factory with the super workmanship and performance.
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  • For Canon EOS 7D Mark II


    Power Source: (1) one or two LP-E6 battery  (2) six AA/LR6 alkaline batteries

    Power Switch: The power switch of camera

    Work Temperature: 0-+40

    Work Humidity: 85% or less

    Dimension: About 150.1Width)x 84.9 (Height)x 116.7(Thick)mm

    Weight: About 259.8g (excluded battery and battery clip)

    Package Specification

    Mode: Vertax E16

    Bar code: 489 51523 09158

    Package number: 20 pcs

    Weight: 11 kg

    Dimension: 47*32.2*26.8CM

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