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Bishop For Nikon

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  • Release Date:2011-01-01
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  • 1. Pixel Bishop is a professional trigger remote control with the function of group flash. 2. The hot shoe on Transmitter supports TTL and triggers the off-camera flash synchronized. 3. With the function of wake-up, it can auto wake up the sleeping flash without manual operation. 4. It can control studio light through 3.5mm port, the speed of synchronzed shutter is up to 1/250s.
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    Bishop For Nikon
    1. Bishop is a professional grouping flash trigger.
    2. Transmitter hot shoe support TTL and sync with off shoe flash.
    3. Wake-up function available, the flash will be wake up automatically.
    4. Through 3.5 socket to control studio light, shutter sync speed up to 1/250S.
    (max. sync speed is depend on the camera model)
    5. Available to control the shooting or through master camera to control slave camera.

    Wireless Frequency System: FSK2.4GHz
    Operating Distance: up to 200m
    Shutter Sync Speed: 1/250S
    Group setting: 3 difference group (7 combinations)
    Wireless Channel: 4
    Stand-by Time: Receiver: 250 hours
    Transmitter: 500 hours
    Power: AA x2
    Weight: Transmitter: 48.5g (without battery)
    Receiver: 44.0g (without battery)

    Model: For Nikon
    Transmitter(TX): Nikon series camera, Samsung series camera,Fujifilm series camera, Pantex series camera

    Receiver(RX): Nikon/Pixel/ Metz/Sigma/Sunpak/Nissin Flashgun/Studio Light

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