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  • Release Date:2011-01-01
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  • Opas for Canon, the flash remote control, is a group Transceiver (it can be used as Transmitter and Receiver). It can make flash and camera to flash synchronized, the off-camera flash can group control; It also has shutter function which can remote control camera to shoot and make the off-camera flash fire synchronized at the same time. With global free 2.4GHz channel, the product adopts FSK and has a stable performance.
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  • Function
    1.Trigger the speedlite.
    2.Trigger studio light, outdoor light.
    3.Control shutter release
    4.Control slave camera
    5.Control via different group.
    6.Connecting the transceiver with flash, then shoot via transceiver, and the flash sync with camera.
    7.PC socket output signal to control studio and outdoor flash.
    8.Supply power via USB socket, slave camera and trigger flash output signal.
    9.3.5MM socket shutter and trigger flash output signal.
    10.Compatible with all AA battery.
    11.Holding via 1/4 nut or rope.
    12.Extremely operation range more than 400m.
    13.Compatible with high-voltage flashgun and studio light.
    14.Wireless FSK2.4GHZ, CE,FCC,NCC  standards.

    Frequency System:
    FSK2.4 GHz
    Mode :Transceiver, auto sleep & awake
    Operation Range: 400M above
    Sync Speed:1/320S
    Compatible Camera:Canon
    Compatible Flashgun: Cannon/Metz/Sigma/Sunpak/Nissin Flashgun/Studio Light
    Battery: AA×2 pcs
    Shutter release: Single shoot
    Group:: 3 different groups (A/B/C)
    Trigger method: Hotshoe
    Operating time: Receiving status: 600hrs
    Transmitting status: 300hrs
    Holding method: :Tripod nut and hotshoe
    Button: 2 steps power switch, shutter/test button
    Mode switch: SAFE MODE, SLEEP MODE
    LED display:One red/green(changeable) functional LED display,Three red channel LED display

    Included Items:
    Opas Transceiver:1pcs
    Hot shoe protector :1pcs
    Connecting cable(DL-3.5) :1pcs
    Connecting cable(DL-1/4) :1pcs
    Connecting cable(BL-E3) :1pcs
    Connecting cable(BL-N3) :1pcs
    Instruction manual :1pcs

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