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RGB Video Light

  • Category:Panel Light
  • Product Model:G1
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  • Release Date:0000-00-00
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  • 01.Product Name: RGB Video Light
    02.Product Model: G1
    03.Body Material:  Aluminum Alloy
    04.Charging time: 2,5 Hrs
    05.Built-in lithium battery: DC3.85V 4040mAh
    06.Rated power: 10W
    07.Maximum power: 13W
    08.RGB color gamut: 0~360°full color
    09.Color temperature range: 3200K~5600K (+/- 300K)
    10.Color rendering Ra>96+
    11.Dimming range: 1~100%
    12.Lamp beads number: 198
    13.Battery life: 100% 5600K power continue output for about 1.5 hours
    14.Ambient temperature: -10 to 35 degrees, the storage temperature
    is -5 to 45 degrees, the charging temperature is 0~45 degrees.
    15.Input/output port: Type-C
    16.Charging power supply: 5V1A/5V2A
    17.Output power: 5V/2A
    18.Fixed Interface: Universal 1/4" Nut
    19.Product Dimension: 149mmX80mmX11.5mm
    20.Net weight:205g

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