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MEUV Multi-coating UV Filter 52mm

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  • Release Date:2013-05-28
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  • MEUV Multi-coating UV Filter can protect the expensive lens well. Keep the best perfect color balance,meanwhile protect the most valuable lens. Lens after being processed can reduce glare and do not influence exposure Scope: UV Filter can weaken blue hue caused by ultraviolet rays, so it can take photos in seaside, mountains, snow and open areas. Relative to digital cameras, removing disturbances from ultraviolet to CCD can improve sharpness and recover the nature color.
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    During taking photos, UV Filter does not only protect lens, but also filter light. It is really necessary to protect lens because of its valuable. Installing UV Filter can guarantee dust cannot enter the lens and convenience when wiping. You don’t need to worry about ruining the lens. Period of photography,lens receive light is the same as what man see. Looking at objects under the strong sunshine is difficult to adapt and easy to get tired. We feel better if we put on colored glasses because lens has blocked some strong ultraviolet rays. Eyes can accept outside things in a relax environment. So is the UV Filter of lens. It can prevent from strong ultraviolet rays to affect clarity during imaging. It can also keep lens from air pollution. When we use the traditional cameras, most photos used film would be bluish and whiten in the strong ultraviolet area because of chemical properties which is very sensitive to ultraviolet among sunshine. It has a strong influence on photos’ quality. Adding a UV Filter in front of lens can effectively filter out ultraviolet rays so as to improve clarity of photos. For mountain photography or aerial photography, it can make scene more clear and restore the true and colorful pictures. As a result, UV Filter becomes a must at that time. Due to UV Filter does not only improve imaging, but also protect lens from dust and handprint. Therefore, UV Filters are mounted on the front of the lens instead of perennial off, becoming the most widely used color filters.

    Structure Assembly: Ring made of Ultra thin & harden aluminum and insert seamless ring frame construction so as to ensure maximum impermeability of the products.
    Material of lens: High-quality and ultra high finished glass of German Schott of B270, meet the strict requirements of first class lens.
    Surface materials: Super hard aviation aluminum and corrosion resistance have strong flexibility and high stability.

    Excellent Performance and High Resistance: 
    Well support high temperature, low temperature and humidity. More easy to cope with all kinds of harsh natural environment.
    Ultra-thin Lens, Restore Colors to Nature:
    Ensure the high transmittance and maximum extent of colour restoration to nature
    High impermeability: 
    Guarantee dust cannot enter the lens,and 360-degree protection for the most valuable lens.

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