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X800C PRO For Canon

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  • Product Model:X800C PRO For Canon
  • Barcode:489 51523 50075
  • Release Date:2015-05-01
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  • Pixel X800C PRO is a new generation of well-designed Speedlite. With the continuous and surpass of the super performance of the former Speedlite, it has a smaller size which makes shooting more convenient. The scientific design and selected imported raw material make the performance of X800C pro more extraordinary. With energy-saving design, its life time and working hour will be extended. And the recycle time is less than 2.5s in full power output which is improved by 20% compared to the former generation. Faster and more reliable; the battery life is up to 180 times in full power output; the GN up to 60 which is powerful as well(ISO 100, focal length 200mm). Moreover, it adopts wireless control system FSK2.4 GHz and compatible with King pro; Users also can upgrade the firmware through Mini plug and enjoy our official thoughtful service of updating. X800C PRO plays an indispensable role in your shooting.
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  • Product   Specification

    GN: 60 (ISO100/200mm)

    Flash Coverage Range: 20-200mm

    Auto Zoom: Support

    Manual Zoom: Support

    Flash Mode: ETTL/M/MULT

    Stroboscopic Flash: 1-500Hz

    Wireless Flash:  FSK2.4G wireless control, optical control, S1/S2

    SYNC Mode: High Speed Sync, 1st Curtain Sync, 2nd Curtain Sync

    Adjustable Angle: Up/down: -7/90 degree ,Left / Right: 180 degree/180 degree

    Manual Flash: 1/128-1/1 output control (1/3rd increments)

    Recycle Time: Less than 2.5sec (1/1 full power output)

    LCD Display Screen: High definition dot matrix screen

    Internal Power Source: 4×AA size alkaline batteries or rechargeable batteries (4×1.5V)

    External Interface: Hot shoe, PC port, USB port, external power port

    EV: In 1/3rd increments (±3 stops)

    FEB: In 1/3rd increments (±3 stops)

    Battery Life: 180 times (1/1 flash output, with Sanyo Eneloop batteries)

    Flash tube: Ultra-long battery life design

    Overheating Warning: Multi dot matrix temperature control, battery and flash tube overheating warning

    AF-Assist Beam: Support

    Firmware Upgrade: Support

    Dimension: 78.04mm×60.50mm×193.00mm

    Weight: 408.7g (excluding batteries)

    Item Included:

    Pixel X800C PRO Speedlite 1

    Flash Diffuser              1

    Mini Stand                  1

    Flash Portable Bag        1

    User Manual (English)    1

    Package Specification:

    Product Code: 489 51523 50075

    Carton Size:  57.2x59.5x47cm

    Whole Weight: 15.5kg

    Carton number:20pcs

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