Multi-coating,harden and waterproof UV Filter 58mmBack

Multi-coating,harden and waterproof UV Filter 58mm

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  • Release Date:2012-04-09
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  • UGUV-58mm: It is a double-coating harden water-proof MC-UV filter with the property of anti-oil and anti-scratch. Specification: 58mm The glass imported high-quality German Schott B270 optical glass that is processed with multi-coating, water-proof, anti-oil and anti-scratch. The ultra-high degree of finish and the transmittance of 99% cannot affect the original hue and color balance.
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  • Product Function
    1.Waterproof Water-drops dropping on it will form a round droplet which will not spread around. Tilting
    the Filter with 30 degrees, the water droplets will scroll down, but will not leave a watermark.
    2.Anti-oil:  After using oily bulk of the pen smears the lens surface, it does not leave the strip pen marks,
    only some of the dots can be removed, which can be gently wiped with a paper towel or cloth.
    3.Antiscratch:  According to the requirements of the U.S. military standard MIL-E-12397, using the standard friction
    test eraser with 1KG pressure wipes back and forth across the surface of the lens 20, no scratches or wipe marks.

    Lens material:
    1. Lens ring and pressure ring are with the A6063 or A6061 aluminum, and the surface is anodized of the matte black color.
    2. Lens is with high transmittance and low absorption glass of the German Schott B270. Producing with super multi-layer double-sided
    antireflective, waterproof, anti-oil, scratch-resistant coating, a high surface finish and more than 99% transmittance, does not affect
    the colors of the scene to reconcile the color balance, so that igniting probability reduces to the minimum.
    3. Using 7.0mm ring height and 1.8mm thickness of the glass to break the restrictions of conventional ultra-thin market products so that people

    has a sense of security, and better reflect the traditional "protection" effect from the UV mirror, in order to avoid damage to its delicate lens.

    Package Specification:

    Product Code: 489 51523 83417

    Small Carton Number:12pcs

    Carton number:48pcs

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