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  • The Sonnon DL-913(Kit) is the LED lighting with barn doors. With 308 pieces imported high-quality LED bulbs, it has an accurate color temperature, ultra-high GN and super strong brightness. It supports wired and wireless flash. Wireless FSK2.4G system, compatible with Pixel king pro trigger, the distance control is up to 50m. The light can be controlled by each other. There is no Main and Slave of the light, you just use what you want. Using the imported driver card and professional circuit design, it makes sure the high efficiency and low power consumption. The multiple power supply supports AA, Lithium and DC7-14V power input.
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  • Specification:

    Model: FSK 2.4GHz Digital Radio System

    Group: A Group, B Group, C Group

    Color Rendering Index :> 85%

    Color Temperature: 5500K±200K

    Operation Temperature: -20℃~50℃

    Distance: Maximum 100M

    Antenna: Internal Antenna

    LUX. 1600LM

    Irradiate Angle: 60°

    LED Light: 308 PCS

    Flash: Support SYNC trigger and king pro flash trigger.

    Power consumption: Max 16.8W under steady mode, Max 25W under flash mode.

    Power Supply: AC-DC 9V-14V

    Battery: AA X 8

    Lithium battery: 7.2V X 2

    Package Specification:

    Product Code: 489 51523 10055

    Carton Size:  50x40x39cm

    Whole Weight: 23.3kg

    Carton number:20pcs

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