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Multi-coating UV Filter 37mm

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  • Product Model:MCUV-37mm
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  • Release Date:2011-11-13
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  • MCUV-37mm The type of filter: Multi-Coating UV Filter Caliber: 37mm Main Function: Protect lens, neutral glass, balance the color and protect the Lens. The lens with multi-coated can reduce the dazzle but cannot affect the exposure. The material: Optical glass
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  • Product Function

    1. High-quality pixel UV Filter blocks the invisible UV component of light from the sky

    2. Ideal for photography in high altitudes, by the sea and in regions with very clean air

    3. Pictures gain brilliance

    4. Elimination of the unwanted blue cast

    5.  Protection for the front element of your lens

    Package Specification:

    Product Code: 489 51523 82991

    Small Carton Number:12pcs

    Carton number:48pcs

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