• Category:Metal Light
  • Product Model:Sonnon DL-918
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  • Release Date:2014-09-01
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  • Using selected 192 pieces LED bulbs with high quality; the DL-918 is featured with high index, high brightness and exact color temperature. One button for its battery is simple and clear. With the design solution of light, beautiful and thin, it is portable and can be carried along with yourself. The multiple power supply supports AA, Lithium and DC7-14V power input. With the afebrile LED technic and constant current drive design, digital dimming output. It is durable without light–shake.
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  • Specification:
    LED Bulbs: 192 pcs
    Steady level: 30 levels for digital brightness adjustment
    Power Consumption:  Max. 12W
    DC Port: DC 7-14V >1.5A
    Color Temperature: 5600K
    Lifetime: 50000 hours
    Color Rending Index :> 85
    Operating Temperature: -20°C-40°C
    Lumen: 1500Lux
    Material: PC+ABS flame-resistant materia
    Irradiate Angle: 60 °
    Dimensions: 170X133X46mm
    Irradiate Distance:Max. 5M

    Weight: 348g

    Package Specification:

    Product Code: 489 51523 10116

    Carton Size:  38.2x29x32.8cm

    Whole Weight: 12kg

    Carton number:20pcs

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