King S For Nikon

King S is a Transmitter which can control the shooting mode of a flash by camera in a remote distance. With the design of Transmitter and Receiver integrated, flash can be directly controlled by King S without Transmitter on the end of flash, especially when directly controlling the X800PRO flash. If you use the X800 PRO flash, the single King S is enough which can realize the HSS and other flash modes between camera and flash. King S has 3 groups with the group function. When using with the Canon EOS EXII, 600EX-RT or compatible Pixel flash, it can directly control the flash mode and the output power by the setting mode of flash and camera.

  • Category: Wireless TTL Flash Trigger
  • Model: King S For Nikon
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King S Wireless iTTL TransmitterThirteen functions and advantages2.4 Ghz Wireless ControlReceiving-Transmitting Model,finshed by one buttonControl Pixel X800 PRO flash directly1/8000s High Speed Sync TriggeriTTL/M manual Output in multple modeA/B/C three groups for flash controlExposure Compensation is availableZoom more free1st Curtain Sync and 2nd Curtain Sync are availableReplaceable shutter connecting cableReplaceable shutter connecting cableCompatible with studio lightStable Metal Hot-shoeThe quality is as stable and durable as diamondThe internal devices