MEUV Multi-coating UV Filter 55mm

MEUV Multi-coating UV Filter can protect the expensive lens well. Keep the best perfect color balance,meanwhile protect the most valuable lens. Lens after being processed can reduce glare and do not influence exposure Scope: UV Filter can weaken blue hue caused by ultraviolet rays, so it can take photos in seaside, mountains, snow and open areas. Relative to digital cameras, removing disturbances from ultraviolet to CCD can improve sharpness and recover the nature color.

  • Category: MEUV
  • Model: MEUV-55mm

MEUV Filter Ultra-Clear with No LossThe import and high-quality optical glass make pictures more clear.Design of lengthy external thread screw makes it more reliable on filter.Structure of seamless after-precession and lantern aluminum of ultra-light high hardness of.MEUV filter uses the 1.8 mm glassGlass of German Schott of B270