Pawn(TF-364) For Olympus/Panasonic

Pawn (TF-364) is a professional flash remote control for Panasonic/Olympus. 1. It is a multifunctional wireless shutter remote control with the function of triggering flash. 2. Adopts FSK to improve stability of the product and use 2.4GHz global free channel. 3. It has the functions of single shoot, Bulb shoot, continuous shoot and delayed shoot. 4.It can wake up the flash.

  • Category: Wireless Flash Remote Control
  • Model: Pawn(TF-364) For Olympus/Panason
Product Manual

Pawn TF-364 Wireless shutter & flash multi-functions triggerCharacteristicsIt's idea choice for remote cntrol shootingChoose us bcauseFDK 2.4GHz wireless control system, Distance of above 80mHigh performance multi-shootingHigh performance multi-shootinglnterchangeable shutter connecting cableSpedlite triggeringFor studio light and outdoor light triggeringLow consumption and high efficiency16 communication channels with ultra-strong anti-interferenceSmall and exquisite, is easy to carrySensitive reactionHigh quality, prolong to possessFull accessoriesSpecification, FunctionProduction