TC-252 Wired Timer Remote Control

TC-252 is a high performance Wired Timer shutter cable which is helpful for slow Bulb shoot, especially take picture of starry sky, night view and other pictures need exposure for a long time. It has the function of simple single shoot, one second continuous shoot, Bulb shoot, the customized delay shoot and Timer plan shoot. With the low power consumption, you are clear about the use condition and the timer plan.

  • Category: Wired Timer Remote Control
  • Model: TC-252
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TC-252 High Performance Wired Shutter Timer Remote ControlPerfect, ExcellentPerfect shootingBeyond imaginationBody sensual curve designWired shutter 2in 1 functionlneterchangeable, shutter connecting cableLow power, consumption LCD screenDigital clock showing modeNoemal working even without the batteryAnti-vibrationUltra-long durableElectron Bulb shutterOnly need 4 stepsDurbility and wear resistanceSingle shootingContinuous shootingBULB ShootingDelay ShootingTimer ShotingShooting resultcamera, tripod and TC-252 TimerName of partsFeature set