d12 Nikon battery box and handle

Vertax D12 is a Battery Grip for Nikon D800 serial cameras (D800/D800E/D810) which can be installed with a battery of EN-EL15 or eight batteries of AA/LR6.It is indispensable for shooting outside by equipped with a Vertax D12 which equals to add an extra battery that can double the power. The product is equipped with multi buttons that make vertical shooting more convenient. It is featured by super workmanship, quality and performance.

  • Category: For Nikon
  • Model: d12
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Vertax D12 For Nikon D800/D800E/D810Pixel Pursues exquisite quality onlyExquisite quality Reflects the strengthVertax D12 Long lasting shooting, non-decreasing functionAdcanced material, Exquisite qualitySupports the continuous shooting, Grasps every momentVertical shooting, Alternative horizontal shooting and vertical shootingDouble power supply mode Long enduringly powerStrengthen the camera's balance, Avoids the front-heavyAnti-shaking, Avoids dim shootings by shakingSame hand-feeling as the camera, Makes you enjoying a wonderful shootingFine copper material Transmits accurately and stablyClean steel fixed screw is hard and firmMultifarious button controlsRefined material advanced sealingPorduct DescriptionPorduct DescriptionPorduct DescriptionName of partsName of parts

  • Power Source
    (1) one or two EN-EL15 battery (2) eight AA/LR6 alkaline batteries
  • Power Switch
    The power switch of camera
  • Work Temperature
  • Work Humidity
    85% or less
  • Dimension
    About 150.8x54.8x77.4mm
  • Weight
    About 279.4g (excluded battery and battery clip)