d14 Nikon battery box and handle

Vertax D14 is a battery grip for Nikon D600/D610 cameras which can be installed with one battery of EN-EL15 or six batteries of AA/LR6. A D14 grip equals to an extra battery that can double the power. It is indispensable for shooting outside. The battery grip is equipped with multiple buttons which make the shooting easier. The quality is comparable with the one in the original factory with the super workmanship and performance.

  • Category: For Nikon
  • Model: d14
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Vertax D14 Adcanced camera power grip For Nikon D600/D610Brand new updated and extraordinaryPixel feaure & Exquisite designVretax D14 adopts double-battery to extend the shooting timeFine materialHigh-speed continuous shooting grabs each excellent momentComfortable handle when vertical shootingTelephoto lens banlance the weightFrament-free button, anti-shakingComfortable handle and integrates with the camera body offer the better tactile appealFine copper touch, transfers exactlyBetter environmental adaptionMulti-buttonDstproof and waterproofUltra strengthened clean steel fixed screw gearDecscriptionDecscriptionDecscriptionName of Each PartName of Each Part

  • Power Source
    (1) one or two EN-EL15 battery (2) six AA/LR6 alkaline batteries
  • Power Switch
    The power switch of camera
  • Work Temperature
  • Work Humidity
    85% or less
  • Dimension
    About 53.5 (W)x143(L)x80(H)mm
  • Weight
    About 209.5g (excluded battery and battery clip)