E9 Canon battery box and handle

Vertax E9 is a battery grip for Canon 60D camera which can be installed with two batteries of LP-E6 or six batteries of AA/LR6. An E13 grip equals to an extra battery that can double the power. It is indispensable for shooting outside. The battery grip is equipped with shutter button in vertical position, main drive plate and other buttons that can make the operation the same whatever shooting in vertical or horizontal position. Adopted the same material of the camera body, the battery grip has the same capacity of waterproof and dust-free as the camera body with the seal treatment of each part. The quality is comparable with the one in the original factory with the super workmanship and performance.

  • Category: For Canon
  • Model: e9
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Vretax E9 Battery Grip For Canon 60DThree reasons for choosing the Batterty GripProduct FeatureComparable with the original productPerfect fit with the handBattery Grip---lndispensable for professional photographerA true innovative technologyThe key is speed-upHigh-intensity metal mountConsistent operation of the vertical shooting and horizontal shootingBalancing the cameraProviding convenience for the long exposureLow-angle shooting on the ground levelHalf-press shutter and auto-focusing shutter buttonDescriptionName of Each PartName of Each Part

  • Power Source
    (1) one or two LP-E6 battery (2) six AA/LR6 alkaline batteries
  • Power Switch
    The power switch of camera
  • Work Temperature
  • Work Humidity
    85% or less
  • Dimension
    About 145.8(Width)x113(Height)x84.7(Thick)mm
  • Weight
    About 293g (excluded battery and battery clip)