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ND2-ND400 72mm

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  • Release Date:2012-08-13
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  • ND2-ND400 72mm filter, simplified as ND Filter, is a grey and transparent advanced optical glass whose function is to weaken the brightness of the Lens to lower the exposure. As the filter cannot be chosen, that`s to say the capacity of the filter reducing the ray of the light with different wave length is the same. It cannot change the original color of the object and can show the real appearance of the subject.
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  • Material
    Glass material: Optical glass with high quality and high degree of finish, imported optical Nitto polarizing film.
    Surface material: Ultra-hard aviation aluminium, sealess procession structure.
    Appearance design: Double-faced super multilayer cating film, super long external thread design.
    Biggest diameter: 75mm

    1. When need low shutter speed: it needs moving or continous pictures by exposure for long time when shooting in day time.
    2. When stand out the shooted subject: it stand out the main subject by blurring the background in the large aperture.
    2. When need control sensitivity: in the outdoor bright environment, the ND2-ND400 glass can protect the needed exposure.
    4. When need to prevent exposure: using the glass can avoid the over exposure situation as shooting in the smallest aperture.

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