• Category:Wired Shutter Remote Control
  • Product Model:RC-208
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  • Release Date:2014-01-01
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  • Pixel RC-208 is a shutter remote control with lock function which is a remote control switch with that the cable is interchangeable. By connecting with the plug of many global brands of cameras (only has the related plug), it can control several cameras with different brands to shoot by shutter control without changing a remote control. You just need to change a cable.
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    Function: RC-208 use advanced surface drawing lines treatment to increase texture.
    Shutter Control: Half press or full press
    Compatibale cameras: Canon, Nikon, Sony,Pentax, Samsung, Panasonic and other DSLR cameras.
    Shooting mode: Single shooting, continous shooting and long time exposure

    Type: Changeable Cable Shutter Remote Control
    Release: Focusing and shooting buttons. Can continous shooting and long time exposure after locked.
    Cable length: 80cm
    Dimension: (Length*width*height): 110mm*30mm*24mm
    Weigth: 29.6g (Exclude cable)

    Included accessories
    RC-208:  1pcs

    User manual:  1pcs

    Connecting plug for camera mode:

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