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Kova-W 40.5mm

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  • Product Model:Kova-W 40.5mm
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  • Release Date:2012-11-30
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  • Kova-W 40.5mm metal Lens Hood with wide angle use metal and alloy material with frosted processing outside and screw thread and flat lacquer processing inside. When taking picture, it can avoid the surround distracted light entering into the lens that is used widely in shadowgraph and effectively avoid dazzling.
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    1.Avoid mist and fog: When shooting with Speedlite in backlight and sidelight, it can prevent light that cannot imaging and avoid fog and mist.
    2.Avoid astigmatism enter into lens: When shooting in front light and side light, it can avoid surrounding light enter into lens.
    3.Avoid disruption enter into lens: When shooting in light or at night, it can avoid surrounding disrupt light enter into lens.
    4.Block wind, sand, snow and rain: It can prevent lens from demage and avoid finger touch the surface of lens. It can also prevent lens from wind, sand, rain and snow.

    Mode: Kova-W 40.5mm
    Color: Matte black
    Specification: 40.5mm
    Material: Alloy metal material, external dull polish

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