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Pawn(TF-361) For Canon

  • Category:Wireless Flash Trigger Pawn
  • Product Model:Pawn(TF-361) For Canon
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  • Release Date:2010-01-01
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  • Pawn(TF-361) is for Canon. It has the function of triggering flash and studio light and wireless shutter control. The highest sync speed is up to 1/250s. The functions of shutter control are single shoot, continuous shoot, bulb shoot and four seconds delayed shoot.
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  • Product Function
    1.Pawn For Canon is a wireless Flashgun remote control for Canon Camera.
    2.Pawn For Canon  is multi-function wireless shutter remote control, and flash trigger function.
    3.FSK modulation used to improve the reliability and stability of the product, use the free worldwide 2.4GHz frequency.
    4.Available to shoot with single, Bulb, continuous, delay mode.
    5.With “wake-up” function, which can wake up the flash under sleep mode; guarantee to shoot each picture.
    6.Changeable connecting cable for difference camera model.
    7.With saving power function, the transmitter is only use 3mA under working status. Receiver is only use 2mA under working status.
    Battery working hour is up to 400hrs when using 2pcs of AAA alkaline battery. More than 10X compare with the similar product.
    8.Low-voltage design, and available to use rechargeable battery.
    9.Multi-power design, which can be use this via power socket.
    10.Shutter speed up to 1/250S. (Depend the camera model, some camera are only support 1/250S or lower)

    Product Specification
    Applicable To: Canon
    Type: FSK 2.4GHz Wireless System
    Operation Range: 80M
    Transmit Power:-1dB
    Cable length: 30CM
    Transmitter Stand-by Time:25000 hours (CR-2 lithium-ion battery)
    Receiver Stand-by Time: 400 Hours (2pcs AAA alkaline battery)
    Transmitter Measurement (L * W * H) :66 X 37.5 X 28.5 MM
    Receiver  Measurement (L * W * H) :80 X 37.5 X 30 MM

    Included Items
    Transmitter: 1set
    Receiver : 1set
    AAA Battery : 2pcs
    CR-2032 Battery : 1pcs
    Shutter cable : 1pcs
    Flash cable : 1pcs
    Manual : 1pcs

    Connecting plug for camera mode:

    Package Specification

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