• Category:Flash External Power Pack
  • Product Model:TD-386
  • Barcode:489 51523 01619
  • Release Date:2017-05-01
  • Price: No quotation
  • TD-386, a power bank, is designed for Speedlite. It has a high capacity power source of 5200mA and can meet the need of fast power supply for speedlite with different brands. It largely increases the number of firing, lower the recycle time and enhances the capacity of endurance.The full-power output of the speedlite can fire 1000 times, the fast recycle time is about 1.5sec and can be connected to speedlite with different brands by changing different power cables. TD-386 with USB port can supply power for other equipment with USB port. Importing multi power, it is not only supply power for home power system but also for car power. It is indispensible for shooting.
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  • Paremeter:

    Battery Type: Lithium Battery

    Capacity: 7.4V 5200Ma

    Input: 12V 1500mA

    Flash Output:A: 330V  B: 5.5V/0.8A

    USB Output: 5V1A

    Charge Time: About 5.5 hours

    Work Temperature: 0-45 Degree

    Flash Times: About 1000 times

    Recycle Time: About 1.5 sec

    Weight: 310g

    Dimension: 122*78*22mm



    TD-386 For Canon/Pixel(This model is suitable for all Pixel camera speedlite)

    TD-386 For Nikon

    TD-386 For Sony


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