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PF-802 For Nikon

  • Category:Combined Off-Camera Cable
  • Product Model:PF-802 For Nikon
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  • Release Date:2013-01-01
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  • PF-802 is combined off-camera cable which can separate flash from the top of camera and connect three flashes at one time. Each flash can synchronized fire and make light with flexible angle instead changing the original functions of flash.
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  • Precaution

    1. Before installation, please confirm that camera and Speedlite are turned off.

    2. The product is accessory of electronics; cameras and Speedlites would be malfunction caused by the external factors. But the possibility is small.

    3. When connecting the product and device, please don`t pull the lead.

    4. Please keep the product from sharp vibration, otherwise, it will cause malfunction.

    5. Please keep it dry and don`t touch it with wet hand and cannot expose it to water and rain. Otherwise, it will cause malfunction and cannot work.

    6. Please don`t put it in high temperature, such as inside the closed car in the sunlight, control panel and other places with high temperature.

    7. Please don`t use it in flammable and explosive environment. It will cause fire hazard and explosion.

    Included Accessories

    Off-camera cable for camera:   1pcs

    Off-camera cable for Speedlite:  1pcs

    User Manual:  1pcs

    Speedlite off-camera connecting cable:   1pcs

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