FC-314 For panasonic/Olympus Back

FC-314 For panasonic/Olympus

  • Category:Flash TTL Off-Camera Cord
  • Product Model:FC-314 For panasonic/Olympus
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  • Release Date:2009-10-01
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  • FC-314 is the specific hot-shoe connecting cable for Panasonic/Olympus camera and the off-camera flash. Olympus DSLR camera and the external flash can fire synchronized by connecting Panasonic which is equal to equip the flash on the top of camera. That can separate flash from the top of camera and make flash shows different light with flexible angles without changing the original functions of flash.
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  • Product Function

    1.FC-314 is Panasonic and Olympus camera and flash light off-camera cable.

    2.Its connect Olympus and Panasonic camera and flash light to precede off-camera sync flash.

    3.Its can use in high speed sync shooting; suitable to use figure, product or some special shooting.

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