• Category:CPL
  • Product Model:CPL偏振镜82mm
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  • Release Date:2012-08-27
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  • The type of CPL-82mm Polarizer adopts optical grass with high quality and ultra-high degree of finish. With the material of aviation aluminum, the product has the structure of seamless rear-pressing and rotating structure and uses the ultra-light and ultra-tough aluminum ring. It improves the quality of the picture by reduce the reflected ray of the nonmetal surface. It can take picture through window and reduce the reflection from the water surface and make the picture of the tree, flower and glass more beautiful.
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  • Material

    CPL polarizer 82mm. It uses optical glass with high quality and high degree of finish, ultra-hard aviation

    aluminum in material, seamless procession structure and ultra-light and high hardness Aluminum Rings.

    Polarizer Effect

    Reduce the non-metallic surfaces reflect light to improve picture quality. It can shot directly through the windows,

    and to reduce the reflective surface of the water also makes the trees and grass more good looking.

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