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brand introduction

PIXEL ENTERPRISE LIMITED, Ltd.It is a professional photographic equipment manufacturer, committed to building a leading brand in technology, quality and fashion. With a strong R&D team, leading technology and exquisite craftsmanship, it has become a leader in the industry, integrating R&D, manufacturing, and sales into an integrated operation The model has created a cost-effective market competitiveness, and the products are sold at home and abroad, and the reputation is spread far.

The professional photographic equipment such as lighting control, shutter control, image transmission, flash, handle and other professional photographic equipment developed and produced by pixel are internationally renowned brands.Samsung, Canon, Sony, Olympus, LeicaIt provides safe, reliable and high-end quality accessories.

pixel adheres to a win-win and mutually beneficial development model and conducts in-depth cooperation with customers to provide high-end and high-quality photographic equipment products. Thanks to a strong R&D team, leading technology and exquisite craftsmanship, products have been unanimously recognized by customers. We adhere to the principle of "only talents are used", and constantly strengthen and supplement the talent pool, so that the company's competitiveness and research and development capabilities are in the forefront of the industry. Based on the ISO9001:2008 international quality management system, we have created "integrity, pragmatism, and steady development. Respect talents and prosper together" excellent corporate culture.

pixeli will continue to carry forward the past, carry forward the pragmatic, stable, and innovative R&D and service spirit, develop products with high-end quality without losing cost-effective competitiveness, and provide users with the most high-end, durable, safe and fashionable photographic equipment.

company culture
  • pixel's Vision

    Be the product of the world and the pride of the Chinese. Committed to becoming a leader in the domestic/international photographic equipment industry, making "pixel" one of the world's well-known brands

  • Pixel's mission

    Create a better life for mankind, create value for customers, create opportunities for employees, create profits for shareholders, and create wealth for society

  • Pixel's spirit

    Openness: learn from others' strengths and have the courage to try Harmony: cooperation and coordination, sharing responsibilities
    Pragmatic: Pursue practical results without publicity. Innovation: develop technology and innovate mechanisms

  • Operating Principles

    Pursuit of reason: rather slow two steps, good half a step
    Authorized operation: full authorization, performance-oriented
    Collaboration and sharing: value is respect, benefit sharing

  • Control guidelines

    Centralized power   Decentralized and orderly   Authorize intention   Right use

  • Service Guidelines

    Respect the customer: customer orientation, service awareness stimulate potential: proactive, challenge pressure
    Effective communication: empathy, respect each other Excellent execution: assume responsibility, pursue practical results
    Innovative problem solving: active thinking and problem solving

  • Material relationship criterion

    Shareholders and management: contract management, benefit sharing 
    Enterprise and employees: mutual win-win, mutual growth
    Enterprises and partners: mutual benefit and advance hand in hand
    Enterprise and society: abide by business principles and take responsibility

  • Work criteria

    Dedication: Dedication and commitment Enterprising: never satisfied, keep improving
    Collaboration: Obey the overall situation and collaborate Learning: humble and studious, apply what you have learned

productive forces

Advanced production technology, first-class production equipment, perfect management system, and professional R&D team provide a strong guarantee for product quality. Over the years, the company has provided a guarantee for the delivery of customer orders on time with its efficient and pragmatic management policy, well-trained staff, and rigorous and reasonable production process.

Brand new, high-speed production line —— After years of development and accumulation, pixel has mastered the key core technologies of its products, and its R&D team has grown into a highly competitive high-quality scientific and technological team that can quickly adapt to market changes and independently develop new products. Advanced equipment, scientific management, and leading technology are the support for success. The company attaches great importance to the development of technology, quality control, and management investment. In recent years, pixel has vigorously introduced advanced production equipment, product testing equipment, and promoted scientific Management and the implementation of marketization of product development have created prerequisites for significantly improving product performance, quality and reducing product costs. Taking science and technology as the forerunner and manufacturing with heart is the business philosophy that pixel has always adhered to, and has a complete management and quality control system. Elegant and comfortable working environment, safe and efficient production workshop.

Pixel has a team composed of dozens of experienced high-quality production management, process control, quality inspection engineers and hundreds of well-trained employees. Have a complete R&D, design and production system. R&D capabilities, manufacturing technology, and product quality surpass similar manufacturers, creating more convenient and higher-end photography accessories for domestic and foreign customers.