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x800c pro speedlite

Model: x800c pro

X800C PRO Manual
X800C PRO E-commerce material
Product firmware
X800C PRO Upgrade Firmware and Driver
Instructions for use

Upgrade Procedure ( Apple PC is not supported yet)

  1. Extract and open“ X800C PRO Version Upgrade Firmware and Driver“file.
  2. Install the driver. Open “Install-Upgrade Driver Installation ”file and double click“Install”file. And then follow the instructions to complete the installation.
  1. after installed the driver, double click upgrade firmware“Upgrade Tool_en “, and run this firmware.
  2. Connect the speedlite. After successful connection, the grey circle dot on the firmware upgrade interface will turn into green. Press select icon to select upgrade firmware. (X800C-PRO-F9TO is the new firmware)
  3. After selected upgrade firmware, click “G Upgrade Firmware“to complete the update.