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King Pro For Sony

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King PRO Flash Wireless TTLPixel--Focus on quality, performanceFSK 2.4GHz wireless control, remote control distance of above 300mPrecise controlling and automatic metering via TTLHigh speed sync up to 1/8000sMulti- modes controlMulti- group flash contorlZoom freelyTransmitting-receving are in one realizes the camera in twin useFurther functionsFurther functionsFurther functionsUSB firmware upgradeMore humanziner test flashMulti-buttons settingsDescriptionKing PROKing X


  • Flash mode
  • Synchronization mode
    Front curtain, high-speed synchronization
  • Group control
    3 groups (7 modes)
  • Synchronization speed
  • Compatible flashing lights
    Onboard flash, studio light, outdoor shooting light
  • Trigger Mode
    Transceiver: Input support PC Receiver : Output support TTL, Trigger Cable Interface
  • Applicable Battery
    Transceiver: AA x 2 (support 1.2V rechargeable battery) Receiver: AA x 2 (support 1.2V rechargeable battery)
  • Standby Time
    Transceiver: 200 hours ; Receiver: 250 hours
  • Continuous Work
    Transceiver: 100 hours; Receiver: 120 hours
  • Items Included
    Transceiver: 1 piece Receiver: 1 piece