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Pawn(TF-365) For Sony

Pawn (TF-365) is a special flash remote control for Sony cameras. ● It is a multi-function wireless shutter remote control, and also has a flash trigger function. ● Adopt FSK system to improve the reliability and stability of the product, use 2.4GHz globa

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  • Model: Pawn(TF-365) For Sony
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TF-365 Wireless Shutter + Wireless TriggerCharacteristicRemote control shootingchoose us becauseFunction FeatureHigh performance multi-shootingHigh performance multi-shooting2High performance multi-shootingSpeedlite triggeringFor studio light and outdoor light triggering16 communication channels with ultra-strong anti-interferenceSmall and exquisite, is easy to carryHigh quality, prolong to possessFull accessoriesName of partsName of parts2