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Soldier(TF-374)For Olympus/Panasonic

Soldier Olympus/Panasonic (TF-374) wireless flash group/shutter remote control is a professional flash trigger. It has simple function the shutter control. It also has the function of wake-up. There is no need to wake up the flash manually. TF-374 is comp

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  • Model: Soldier(TF-374)For Olympus/Panasonic
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Soldier TF-374 Professional Grouping Flash TriggerSpecificationsProfessional Design No MisfiresRemote ControlFlash Wireless Trigger3 Groups Flashes Can Be Controlled AccratelyStudio Flash and Outdoor Flash TriggerWireless Shutter ControlEnergy-saving design Ultra-long Stand-by time, 10x than that of other brandsMulti-Groups DesignThe Receiver16 Wireless ChannelsSmall and ExquisiteLocking SwitchMetal Hot shoeProduction