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T8 is a high performance wireless shutter remote control. Exquisite and small, the product adopts surface process of advanced wire drawing and looks more fashion and beautiful. T8 can remote control camera to shoot and it supports single shoot, Bulb shoot

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T8 Wireless Shutter Remote ControlWhere lies the strengthThe four characteristicsUsed with other shutter connecting cable availableIt is portable and can be hang with key ring with exquisite appearance and small sizeThe free global 2.4GHz channelWireless shutter remote control and wired shutter remote controlWirelessAvoiding the vibration effectivelySuperior selected material, durable and wear-resistingEnvironmentally friendly and power-savingThe design of vertical switch of three controlWith the metal frame, the shutter button is wear-resisting and durable. The conners will not collaped.Addition of power swichStandard hot shoe, 1/4 screw16 of wireless communication channels, rejection of the disturbanceControlling many receivers and working simultaneouslySingle shootingBulb shootingDelay shooting for 4 secExamples of the pictures shootExamples of the pictures shootName of the items