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TW-283 is a type of multi-functional shutter remote control. It is indispensable for take picture of starry sky and night view. It has the function of simple single shoot, one second continuous shoot, Bulb shoot, the customized delay shoot and Timer plan

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TW-283 Wireless Timer Remote ControlWhy PIXEL TE-283Anti-vibrationSimpleFSK 2.4GHz Wireless Control SystemAesthetic Style, Good Hand-feelWired/Wireless 4 in one FunctionSingle shootingContinuous ShootingBULB ShootingDelay ShootingTimer Schedule ShootingTimer Schedule ShootingLive PhotosLow-consumption LCD ScreenInterchangeable Shutter Connecting CableUltra-long Stand-by TimeSpecificationsLCD Screen lnterface lntroductionLCD Screen lnterface lntroductionLCD Screen lnterface lntroduction