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d14 Nikon battery box and handle

Vertax D14 is a battery grip for Nikon D600/D610 cameras which can be installed with one battery of EN-EL15 or six batteries of AA/LR6. A D14 grip equals to an extra battery that can double the power. It is indispensable for shooting outside. The battery

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Vertax D14 Adcanced camera power grip For Nikon D600/D610Brand new updated and extraordinaryPixel feaure & Exquisite designVretax D14 adopts double-battery to extend the shooting timeFine materialHigh-speed continuous shooting grabs each excellent momentComfortable handle when vertical shootingTelephoto lens banlance the weightFrament-free button, anti-shakingComfortable handle and integrates with the camera body offer the better tactile appealFine copper touch, transfers exactlyBetter environmental adaptionMulti-buttonDstproof and waterproofUltra strengthened clean steel fixed screw gearDecscriptionDecscriptionDecscriptionName of Each PartName of Each Part

  • Power Source
    (1) one or two EN-EL15 battery (2) six AA/LR6 alkaline batteries
  • Power Switch
    The power switch of camera
  • Work Temperature
  • Work Humidity
    85% or less
  • Dimension
    About 53.5 (W)x143(L)x80(H)mm
  • Weight
    About 209.5g (excluded battery and battery clip)