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Pinse K80 professional LED photography light, another choice for photography

Product evaluation 2020-07-27

Photography cannot be separated from light. When there is insufficient light on site, fill light must be used. The choice of light is nothing more than flash and constant light.


   Photography can be used with flash or constant light. The camera mainly relies on constant light.

   In previous video recordings, news lights, dysprosium lights, etc. were mostly used. The brightness is high but the heat is also huge, so it is normal for news anchors to look like their upper body suit and lower body shorts. However, if household users, micro-films, and wedding industries also use lamps such as dysprosium lamps, they are large in size and high in heat, and space limitations are also great. So in some small recording scenes, more and more practitioners began to choose LED.


   For example, if the group unit school studio needs to record video or live online, LED photography lights can be used to complete all the lighting constructions, and the number of lamps can be determined according to different needs.



Live studio lighting setup



K80 is a professional LED photography light created by Pinse, why is it professional?

   First of all, Pinse is a company specializing in the development of photographic equipment and lamps. The quality of LED lamp beads is guaranteed. K80 uses 600 high-quality lamp beads, color rendering index CRI>95, total power reaches 36W, lumens reach 4500LM, and color temperature is 3300- 5600K, so whether it is taking photos or recording videos, K80 will be a great help for lighting. The ultra-high color rendering index ensures that the picture will not cast color. You must know that white is not white under the illumination of some cheap LED lights. It is a blue-green color, so when choosing an LED light, the color rendering index is very important. Coupled with a color temperature of 3300-5600K, the color is more accurate.

   Secondly, Pinse K80 uses a pure metal body in the design and manufacture, and has multiple openings to ensure that the heat generated during use can be dissipated in time. The slim body is easy to carry and store, and the shell surface is The black frosted treatment improves the hand feel, and is also non-slip, scratch and corrosion resistant. Not only that, the K80 is also equipped with a four-leaf baffle, which can be folded 180 degrees. On the one hand, it can protect the lamp beads when storing, and on the other hand, it can shield the light when shooting. Of course, if you don’t need it, just A small screwdriver can remove the four-leaf baffle separately.

   Finally, the functional design. The Pinse K80 has a dual power supply design. It can be powered by 2 NP-F lithium batteries for outdoor use (I tried it, and you must install both at the same time to boot). It can be used indoors. Use the supplied power adapter for power supply. When using it, just press the power switch button on the lower left to select the power supply mode. I is battery power, and II is AC power. K80 also has built-in wireless control function, you can set ABCE FG six groups, each group can accommodate dozens of channels, can be mutually controlled or grouped control, the same group of lights can also be individually controlled, wireless control function can guarantee 50 With a remote control distance of more than meters, there is no need to run around to adjust the parameters of a certain lamp, just pick up the K80 at hand and select the group and channel for remote control. In terms of output, the knob of K80 can be adjusted to 1% step by step. The fast dimming button on the second left can also be used to quickly switch among the four values of 25%, 50%, 75% and 100%.


   Let's take a look at the K80 out of the box.


Pixel K80 photographic lamp packaging boxPixel K80 photographic lamp main appearance


   The packaging of the K80 is very simple and unusual, so a plain kraft carton packs the main products and accessories.


Pixel K80 photographic light cover main appearancePixel K80 photography lamp accessories


   After taking all out, as shown in the picture, one K80 main body, one 220V power adapter, and two color chips (one semi-transparent, one orange). K80 comes with its own shading sheet. When the 4 shading sheets are combined, they can also protect the LED lamp beads. The color sheet is made of non-sticky kraft paper on both sides at the factory, which can be easily torn off without leaving any residue. Glue, you can stick it back after use up to prevent wear.


A quarter of the photographic lamp beads are exposedLED bead appearance detailsSide appearance of photographic lampPhotographic light back appearanceThe photographic lamp lies flat on the surface


   The all-metal case has high strength and is made very thin. It is just the thickness of a diary. The surface of the shell is frosted and it feels comfortable to the touch. It has a good texture when held in the hand, and it is not too heavy. The net weight is 1.3 kg, which is no more difficult than buying back vegetables. There are radiating holes all over the lamp body, and the metal shell itself has good thermal conductivity, so basically there is no need to worry about the problem of burning the lamp. I believe that the little heat of the lamp beads can be easily dissipated.


The base for the lamp holder


   The base of the lamp holder has 4 holes on it. At first I thought that the larger hole could be used to insert the soft light umbrella, but later found that it was not. After it was installed on the lamp holder, it was blocked, let alone the diameter of the hole. A circle smaller than the umbrella handle. But I still think that if you can install a soft umbrella, the subject's eyes will be better, because the K80 is really bright.


Compare the thickness of both phones with the K80


   Pile two mobile phones to feel the thickness of K80 intuitively.


K80 control panel


   This is the core of K80. It supports dual power supply. The switch on the bottom left side is the power selection switch. The switch to the Ⅱ position is to use the power adapter to connect to the household power supply. There is only one lithium battery and K80 cannot be turned on, so it is estimated that K80 needs to be installed with two lithium batteries at the same time to be able to use it.

   As for the buttons of GP, CH and the remote control symbol, they are function buttons that can wirelessly set the master-slave and group adjustment.

   The LCD screen on the back of the K80 has a large font display and a blue backlight, so you can clearly see the light brightness, battery power, group and other information. If you need to quickly adjust the brightness of the light, just press the second button on the left, and each level will increase the brightness by 25%. If you need to increase or decrease step by step, you can turn the knob to adjust.


K80 brightness effect atlas

   First, I took a test shot in A mode. The brightness values were 1%, 25%, 50%, 75% and 100%. It can be seen that under the same parameters, the shutter speed has increased from 1/25s to 1/500s. In the past, when using a constant light, due to insufficient brightness, it was often necessary to increase the sensitivity and use a large aperture method to shoot, otherwise you would have to support a tripod and use a slow door to shoot. Now if you use K80 to shoot still pictures, the 1/500s shutter holding is absolutely no problem.


K80 brightness effect atlas


   Another way to express the brightness effect of the K80: the camera uses the M gear to set the same aperture and shutter sensitivity, only the K80 is adjusted to 1%, 25%, 50%, 75%, 100%.


Atlas of different shutter speeds with the same brightness value


   This group uses different shutter speeds at the same brightness value.

   The above is a simple out-of-the-box trial content. Firstly, I feel that K80 is still a very practical and powerful LED lamp. The previous small square lamp can be called fill light. If K80 is also called fill light, it would not be appropriate. Regardless of its size and brightness, it is a real illuminator that can be used for photography and video. Because the brightness of K80 is definitely bright enough, if there are two or three, it can take into account the background light and contour light.

   In terms of actual use, there is nothing difficult about K80. The biggest difference is that it can no longer be mounted on a video camera or camera like the previous portable lamp with a cold shoe base. It must be supported by a lamp holder , You can use a tripod stand or a ceiling rail. Because the K80 comes with a four-leaf baffle, when using a tripod stand, it will be inconvenient to light down. The U-shaped four-leaf baffle and the K80 lamp body The bracket will have some conflicts, so friends who have lighting needs in this regard, please consider matching a crossbar.

   K80 is mainly used for film and television applications. Of course, it is not unusable for photo shooting. It can also be completed very well. Next, I will release some photos of my actual photography for reference. Because K80 is a A square LED light, so it can do a good job of lighting a large area and a wide range. In conventional applications, basically the configuration of three lights can cope with most of the shooting, such as product shooting, portraits Photo or interview video recording, face light, contour light and ambient light can all be taken care of.

1. Three-lamp indoor photo shooting

   This shooting is a Japanese-style room. On both sides of the room are Japanese-style sliding doors, which basically block most of the natural light. There is no other lighting in the room except for the soft lighting, so it is in existing conditions. In the case of shooting, there are only two ways to increase the sensitivity with a large aperture. This time, I have put on three color K80, the purpose is to make the room light up, one for the face light, one for the upward reflection, and the other for the underlight and ambient light.

   The biggest advantage of shooting with LED lights is that you can intuitively feel the effects of the light, such as the angle of light and the intensity of the light, and another advantage is that it can increase the speed of focusing and avoid the problem of pulling the bellows in the dark. .


Indoor photo shoot 1Interior photo Shoot 2Indoor photo shoot 3Indoor photo shoot 4


2. Three-lamp product shooting

   This group of shooting was completed in the state of continuous shooting. In the past shooting, the flash was used to shoot. Although the flash is high in brightness, it flashes instantaneously. Therefore, the recycling speed is very high during continuous shooting, and the K80 is used. If the light is always on for shooting, there is no need to worry about the problem of recycling, as long as the brightness is enough, you can shoot continuously. But this is just an attempt. Frankly speaking, in order to better present the photo effect, it is recommended to use the flash to complete the shooting, such as the X900 Lithium Flash.


Three light product shooting 1Three light product shooting 2


2. Two-lamp still life shooting

   The K80 lamp on the left is the main light at a high position, and the K80 lamp on the right is filled with light. Thanks to the high color rendering of the color K80, under the illumination of the light, it faithfully reflects the true color of the product, and the light can be adjusted intuitively The angle of illumination brings great convenience to shooting. In the process of shooting, if you want the background to eat less light, you only need to adjust the K80 bezel slightly.


Double light still Life photography 1Double light still Life photography 2


3. Indoor portrait shooting with dual lights

This shooting is the most common flat-light shooting. Two K80s are placed on both sides of the camera, one on the left and the other on the right. The two lights can be slightly different on the output, so that you can also create some shadows and increase some three-dimensionality. Under this condition, the baffle can be fully opened to fill the light with the largest irradiation area.


Double light Indoor Portrait Photography 1Double light Indoor Portrait Photography 2


4. Dual-lamp portrait shooting

Indoors, when natural light is not available, when using two K80s to shoot portraits of people, you can use one lamp as the main light to place them in front of the people, on the one hand to illuminate the faces of the people, on the other side slightly Shading a little bit can make the character more three-dimensional. Another lamp is placed behind the character to illuminate the figure's outline and hair.


Double light portrait shoot 1Double light portrait shoot 2


5. Single-lamp portrait shooting

The main light of this group of photos relies on the natural light coming in from the large windows of the balcony. The black cloth behind the characters eats up more, so if you shoot with pure natural light, the silhouettes of the characters will basically blend into the black background, so it should be on the side of the characters. Add a light source to the rear to create the outline. I used a K80 to hit the side backlight at a high position on the right rear of the person, and at the same time, the baffle was closed to narrow the light, so that I could take an excellent portrait of the person.


Single light portrait shoot 1Single light portrait shoot 2


   Generally speaking, in terms of photography and video, the way of lighting is similar. The lighting that can meet the needs of photography can basically meet the needs of photography. I am not good at shooting video, so this trial is mainly pure photography, standby If appropriate, use K80 lighting to record a video.

   For beginners in photography, the constant lighting has a great advantage in learning lighting. After all, the light effect of what you see is what you get can tell the advantages and disadvantages of lighting methods at a glance.

   For the needs of photography, a larger irradiation area brings better lighting effects, and more professional lamps can also bring more convenience in use. In other words, the K80 is compared with those LED lights with a big palm. The more solid body, more lamp beads, higher lumen value, and wider irradiation area bring a top three. The excellent effect.