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TC-252 Wired Timer Remote Control

TC-252 is a high performance Wired Timer shutter cable which is helpful for slow Bulb shoot, especially take picture of starry sky, night view and other pictures need exposure for a long time. It has the function of simple single shoot, one second continu

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  • Model: TC-252
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TC-252 High Performance Wired Shutter Timer Remote ControlPerfect, ExcellentPerfect shootingBeyond imaginationBody sensual curve designWired shutter 2in 1 functionlneterchangeable, shutter connecting cableLow power, consumption LCD screenDigital clock showing modeNoemal working even without the batteryAnti-vibrationUltra-long durableElectron Bulb shutterOnly need 4 stepsDurbility and wear resistanceSingle shootingContinuous shootingBULB ShootingDelay ShootingTimer ShotingShooting resultcamera, tripod and TC-252 TimerName of partsFeature set